By: Nick Skok

It was first announced earlier today by ESPN’s Dan Rafael that Ezequiel Maderna would not be able to make the trek to Oakland, California for his non-title bout against the IBF super middleweight boss Jose Uzcátegui because of visa issues. Now, Gabe Rosado has thrown his name into the ring as the potential replacement.

Top Rank, who is promoting the card on September 28th that will be aired on ESPN+, had recently offered Rosado the fight against Uzcátegui for the title. Rosado turned down the offer, noting that he had issue with the fight taking place in Tijuana, Mexico, where Uzcátegui is based. With the fight now scheduled to be in Oakland, Rosado has no qualms and welcomes the challenge.

“I would do the fight. The whole point [about turning down the previous offer] was to do it in the states.”

Rosado continued: “I just made the call to my people and they’re texting Carl [Moretti; the Top Rank Vice President].

The fight against Maderna was supposed to be a non-title bout, scheduled for ten rounds, though when offered to Rosado it was for the title. “I want the strap.”

Gabe Rosado (24-11, 14 knockouts) has been in with the best the game has to offer and is keen on Uzcategui’s style.

“I’d put him as the top guy at ‘68. He’s a beast; very aggressive but I can use that against him. I can beat him.”

The fight in Oakland would have a nice Hispanic crowd that the Philadelphia native Rosado feels would support him more so than Uzcátegui. “I got a big Mexican following. It’ll be a neutral crowd but I think more people know me. He’s new to the game.”

Russell Peltz has managed Rosado’s career off and on for the last nine years. Peltz was in Glendale last weekend with Michelle Rosado, co-promoting the Top Rank card for ESPN and may now have reason to be in Oakland for their next showing if Rosado can get his wish.

“I think the fight can happen.” said Rosado.

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