By: Nick Skok

With over 22 million subscribers as of last November, Xfinity-Comcast television will not be showing the championship title fight between Mikey Garcia and Sergey Lipinets live tonight for their viewers on the west coast. It will be on tape delay until 10:15pm PST. No word on MST and CST as of publication.

For the more than 2 million subscribers to Showtime’s internet only subscriber base, they’ll be able to stream the fight live. The bad news is if you are one of the 22 million Showtime subscribers (nearly identical subscription numbers to Xfinity-Comcast) that purchased a subscription through Xfinity-Comcast or a standalone cable provider, you could be out of luck and are more than likely going to tune in to the ESPN card tonight that starts at 7:30pm PST.

When reached for comment, Showtime Support said that I would have to in-fact contact the cable provider myself to inquire about the start time as they “provide the content to the TV providers and they have the option at showing it at their discretion.” That means that Showtime does not have control and/or is unwilling to exert any influence over their partners to ensure specific start-times to their “live” boxing shows.

At a time when Showtime has been gaining on HBO for market share of the boxing community, this is a setback for consumers and fans of the sweet science. Can I stream the fight on my 9.7in iPad? Sure. Would I rather watch it live on my 60in HD television? Absolutely. Tonight I’ll be watching ESPN.

Nick Skok writes for