A couple weeks ago Srisaket Sor Rungvisai put a stamp on his place atop the super flyweight division with his KO performance against Roman Gonzalez. He’s brought new life to the boxing world within Thailand and has even made a fan out of the country’s Prime Minister. 

Both he and the Prime Minister agree that a long title reign is preferred even with the fighter’s age being 30 come this December. For flyweight fighters that age is usually near the end of their careers though Rungvisai has been lucky to avoid too many wars up to this point. He’s made it known that there’s more work to be done with establishing his legacy and would like to fight for at least five more years. He’ll have the chance to add to that legacy with future HBO appearances as long as he keeps winning. The network is planning future flyweight showcases starring him and the other division champions. With his profile rising with two marquee wins this year, he’ll find himself in another main event rather soon. 

His team told No Sparring that they’ll sit down with “all relevant parties to discuss what will be the plan…” concerning future opponents. Juan Francisco Estrada is currently the WBC #1 ranked fighter and in line for a shot at his title though that’s far from a done deal. Estrada is also the #1 ranked fighter with the WBO and could conceivably fight their champion Naoya Inoue. Either way, the future is ripe with opportunities for Rungvisai. It’ll be a treat for fans to continue seeing the two-time world champion take on the best competition as he fights in the spotlight for an entire county.