I hate Amir Khan. 

I hate that he talks more than he boxes. I hate that his excuses for not boxing are now quicker than his hands. I hate how he’s convinced that he’s a top welterweight though he never fought another top welterweight. I hate that he doesn’t realize boxing is a “what have you done for me lately?” sport and always talks about the past.

I hate that the only action we saw Khan in this year was from a Skype video someone recorded him jerking off in. I hate how Khan uses his religion as an excuse to not participate rather than a motivation to compete even more (or at all). I hate that Khan brags about the top fighters he’s faced years prior while ducks the top fighters of this year and last. I hate that Amir Khan challenges Conor McGregor – not a boxer nor will he ever be.

I hate that Khan played a part in delaying the Canelo – Gennady Golovkin fight. I hate that Khan wants credit or kudos for fighting a man two weight classes above him (see pic below) in a fight nobody asked for or needed to see. I hate that Amir Khan has opted to cash out on his career rather than be competitive.

I hate that Amir Khan has been KO’d three times and still acts as if he’s undefeated. I hate that he routinely ends up on the year end “Duck List“. I hate how Khan talks trash about other athletes in the sport, athletes who fight and some who hold championship titles.  

I hate Amir Khan for not fighting Kell Brook. I hate Amir Khan for trying to rationalize this duck. I hate that Amir Khan is potentially influencing the younger generation of fighters. I hate that Amir Khan’s actions (or lack thereof) are reasons people hate boxing – or prefer mixed martial arts. 

I hate Amir Khan. 

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By: Nick Skok