Today at the Teiken boxing gym in Tokyo, batamweight champion Shinsuke Yamanaka displayed some moves during his media workout. He’s extremely prepared for his upcoming bout against Carlos Carlson. If the name “Carlson” doesn’t ring a bell it’s because it shouldn’t. The young boxer has never been in a 12 round fight and only once fought a 10 rounder but on March 2nd he’ll find himself against one of the top boxer’s in the sport.

Talking to Yamanaka’s manager, he mentioned to No Sparring that they offered deals to the other division champions but nobody would bite. That’s probably because Shinsuke Yamanaka isn’t known outside of the most hardcore boxing fans and today isn’t even considered the best boxer in Japan, with that honor belonging to Naoya Inoue. More media coverage would do Yamanaka good though Yamanaka’s reply to my first and only question was cutoff by his promoter and I was told not to ask questions, though no Japanese reporters had been given the same instructions. 

Yamanaka is only two successful defenses away from having 13 and tying the all time Japanese record that was set by light flyweight Yoko Gushiken. Another Japanese boxer Takashi Uchiyama was also recently at 11 successful defenses but lost while hunting top competition and trying to unify the WBA super featherweight division against Jezreel Corrales.

It would be sad to see Yamanaka break such an impressive record against fighter(s) who have no business being in the same ring as him though with myself and presumably any other western reporters being barred from even asking questions at a “media” workout, it’s going to be hard for other boxers, much less the fans, to learn who the 34 year old is. That being said, you don’t have to tune in March 2nd because it’s already a forgone conclusion that Yamanaka will beat up on the tomato can Carlos Carlson.

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