Who’s the biggest Duck of 2016?

Last year we saw Amir Khan taking the inaugural Duck of the Year award with Adonis Stevenson and Danny Garcia rounding out the top 3. This year we see more Brits joining the ranks with Khan. Here’s how the list goes:

Honorable Mentions:

Amir Khan


Khan only fought once in 2016, just like the year prior, and has nothing to show for it besides another “L.” Khan decided against a desired all British tilt with IBF champion Kell Brook and instead took a boat load of cash for a fight he knew he wasn’t going to win. In the end, Khan looked like he was nearly killed, though he’ll tell you any number of reasons why he’s still one of the best in the world.

Tyson Fury


Fellow Brit, Tyson Fury didn’t take up a fight with Wladimir Klitschko and instead took up partying and drugs. Fury ended up vacating his newly won heavyweight titles. A black eye for boxing and for the British boxing scene.

Chris Eubank Jr. 


British boxer Chris Eubank Jr. shocked the world when he said he would take on Gennady Golovkin last summer. When the contract was ready to sign, Eubank Jr. couldn’t find his pen. His promoter ended up penning his own articles blasting Eubank for wasting his and everyone’s time. Of course Eubank Jr. will talk about one thing or another like Khan about why he really didn’t take the fight and why he thinks he deservers top dollar to fight anybody.

3. Danny Garcia


Garcia returns to the list for the second year in a row because his career since 2013 has been forgettable yet he still holds a championship title. He beat an over the hill Robert Guerrero for the vacant WBC title last January (How was Guerrero given a shot at the title?) and then avoided Andre Berto (not exactly a Top 10 boxer these days) in the Fall before taking on…what’s his name again? (Let me search it)…Samuel Vargas. Vargas isn’t ranked in the Top 15 by anybody and was called everything from a garbage man to a tomato can. Garcia said he needed to shake off rust. He’s been a poor excuse for a boxer and it’s pitiful to listen to him and his father go on about why he makes a habit of fighting chumps. He’s nothing more than a cherry picking duck. This Spring he’s scheduled to face WBA champion Keith Thurman in a surprisingly anticipated fight. I hope Thurman wins as he’s a willing and able champion.

2. Billy Joe Saunders

Jo Saunders

Another British boxer and another big talker. Billy Joe won a version of the middleweight title last winter and only just yesterday (one year later) made his first defense against another forgettable name that isn’t worth mentioning. Saunders turned down multiple offers throughout out the year including ones from Gabe Rosado, Willie Monroe Jr., and most  notably to Gennady Golovkin. Saunders for his part talked all year long how he’s this and that and he’ll fight anybody and everybody but the fact is he didn’t and he won’t. Reports came out recently that it took Saunders 6mos to lose enough weight to be able to fit back in his division again. You’re a pumpkin Saunders! An inactive vegetable who’s full of shit.


1. Canelo Alvarez

Canelo sitting

Like two of the boxers mentioned before him, Canelo ducked Gennady Golovkin and by doing so earns this year’s Duck Award! Canelo comes from a proud heritage of Mexican boxers who fight to the last drop of blood from their bodies against anybody who is put in front of them. For Canelo, GGG was in front of him and rather than fight him like a man, like a professional, like a champion, Canelo actually gave him his WBC belt and moved on. Canelo vacated his belt rather than take a fight with GGG!!! For such a high profiled fighter, this is absolutely inexcusable and is another reason why boxing doesn’t have a following worthy enough of praise, because the best don’t fight the best and everyone has a big mouth or another agenda. Canelo Alvarez should not be given a pass or be let to forget his deplorable and gutless actions. Congratulations Canelo! You’re the No Sparring 2016 Duck! Thanks for keeping boxing down.

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