Earlier today, former light welterweight champion and recent KO victim Amir Khan was demanding that current WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia fulfill his mandatory obligations and face him or vacate his title. It’s pretty tough talk for a recent loser and notorious cherry picker but it comes with a bit of irony and one noticeable inaccuracy.

The ironic part is that Khan is trying to force Danny Garcia into a rematch but Garcia (and his father) may be bigger cherry pickers than Khan! With both Garcia’s already on record to not being enthusiastic for a rematch and also having not fought since January, they surely aren’t in a hurry to take a fight they don’t agree with.

Missing from Khan’s thinking and the media outlets that reported the quotes was the simple fact that Danny can take a unification fight to avoid his mandatory obligations.

It’s no secret WBA champion Keith Thurman wants just such a fight with Danny. Beyond that easy-to-make fight, Manny Pacquiao could (and should) beat Jessie Vargas for the WBO title on November 5th. A unification with Pacquiao is not only a possibility for Danny, but a fight that even Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has been on record clamoring for.

Slow your roll Khan. Maybe you’re still dizzy from the Canelo fight? Sure, you can say no to all the fights you’d like but you’re in no position to demand anything.


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