Just about three months ago Chris Eubank Jr with his father in tow, told everyone and their mother about how they were not only gunning for Triple G, but how they were very close to a fight deal with the unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin. The Eubank’s hollered and yelled like the little boy who cried wolf, and like the story went, everyone in town came out to listen and reported how close the deal was to getting made.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for Eubank as his latest dud of a fight against whomever it was he was fighting – I can tell you it wasn’t Daniel Jacobs, his mandatory, or a rematch with Billy Jo Saunders. Yet here at No Sparring I saw the slick talk for what it was- a hype job; and I called them out on it too.

I’m not saying that the press didn’t get it right when there was seemingly unanimous agreement that Eubank wiggled out of fighting GGG. Hell, even his promoter Hearn said as much. But let’s not listen to every boxer who cries wolf, especially the week before their  underwhelming fights. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. The press is what they want and if the press is what you’ll give them at least make it honest: that you’ll believe it when you see it because nobody in the middleweight division wants to face the big bad wolf.

Eubank got off the hook pretty easily because writers are eating up the GGG-Brook fight and calling on the same comparisons of Hagler-Leonard that we heard when Khan was preparing for Canelo. Only now we can’t compare this British welterweight moving up to fight this middleweight champion because that would be ridiculous. This fight is totally different, right?!?! It’s these conclusions that allowed Hearn to make this fight in the first place because nobody truly stuck to their guns that “Khanelo” shouldn’t have happened. (“Khanelo” is a combination two words that shouldn’t have been combined like “Sharknado”) Khan was donned “courageous” while Canelo, the undisputed middleweight champion, and his promoter Oscar de la Hoya were letting the Golovkin fight marinate- they definitely were ducking him though, right?!?!


The optimistic Brook coverage has to stop because its a masquerade and the press only encourages this behavior; he’s not brave, he’s getting paid, a lot. He was supposed to unify the welterweight division against Jessie Vargas and then either take another unification or be forced to face rising star and mandatory challenger Earl Spence. Instead he’ll readily take an “L” to raise his stock with the media and get a fat check and a vacation right after he checks out of the hospital for concussion evaluations. This isn’t good for boxing.

I understand you’re as excited as me to see Triple G in action again but please try to be objective here. You’ll notice how the closer to fight week we’ve gotten, the more articles that come out saying “well actually, maybe Brook does have a chance.” You want better fights? Stop gossiping with Eubank Jr. and others like him like a bunch of school girls and being their conduit for more sales and profit on garbage matches for fans and the sport. Make them earn your attention.

Sometimes bad press or even NO press can be good press.

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