Eddie Hearn today announced that there was a great chance that his fighter Chris Eubank Jr. would land a fight with “Triple G” Gennady Golovkin for Golovkin’s middleweight titles in September. The leak was in no short presented on the cusp of an upcoming fight that Eubank Jr. has next Saturday against massive underdog Tom Duran that has absolutely nobody excited to watch.

The heavily one-sided scheduled bout is just one in a long line of bad fights that have taken place this year or are currently on the schedule. The British boxing scene, while not alone, has been a huge spot for such fights. Their fight cards will line up the popular local names with the “Eubanks” and the “Joshua’s” of the world, all the while they’re constantly talking about who they really wish they’d be fighting.

Of course Eubank Jr. and Hearn don’t really want to fight Duran, a boxer with no such experience to warrant him the ring with a boxer of the supposed ability that Eubank posses, but it’s not like Eubank could’ve asked to fight Daniel Jacobs who he’s currently in line behind in the WBA rankings. How about a rematch with WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders? No, those aren’t possible, right? Eubanks actually needed to, no…he HAD to take this fight with Duran to prepare himself for a showdown with GGG. Makes sense right? No. It’s all gamesmanship and complete garbage for the few boxing fans left.

There’s just a few short problems with Hearn’s claim, with the first being that GGG is still in negotiations, no matter how futile they might seem at the moment, with Canelo Alvarez. Next on the hit-list should Canelo not fight GGG is WBO champion Billy Jo Saunders. It’s no secret that GGG wants every division belt and Saunders holds the last remaining championship belt that GGG has yet to acquire.

Daniel Jacobs, as mentioned above, holds the WBA “regular” championship belt, a notch underneath Golovkin’s “super champion” status, and could be mandated to face GGG should GGG not land either of the two fights just mentioned.  While Jacob’s does have an upcoming bout himself, GGG could wait until say October or November for that clash to materialize as it would draw massive crowds and intrigue in New York City and Brooklyn.

Simply put, these “rumors” that Eddie Hearn is telling everybody is a cheap ploy to try and drum up support for his protected and cherry picking fighter before his dud of a fight. A “Triple G” clash would be interesting and could do good ratings, but there’s actually more than meets the eye with this news. Don’t be fooled. Should the other three candidates in Canelo, Saunders, AND Jacobs fall through, then yeah, sure, let’s talk about Eubank.


Until then, just focus on the upcoming Keith “One Time” Thurman vs “Showtime” Shawn Porter matchup on June 25th. It’s two of the best welterweights in the world squaring up and should be exciting. Forget about all of the other distractions.

-No Sparring

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