Coming off of the first defeat of his career and what could be labeled the biggest upset in boxing up to this point in 2016, Takashi Uchiyama already has plans laid out for retirement, though if and when he’ll retire is still a mystery.

Uchiyama would like to open up and run a boxing gym in Tokyo, according to sources. As the boxer is 36 years of age, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities to see the him start those plans sooner rather than later after the three knockdown loss he suffered at the hands of Jezreel Corrales last Wednesday night.

Usually focused and well disciplined inside the ring, Uchiyama’s lack of defense and adjustments against a wild throwing younger boxer led to an early KO. Even after getting knocked down, Uchiyama still tried to stand in the middle of the ring and trade punches with the larger Corrales.

After 11 successful title defenses at super featherweight, Takashi Uchiyama has little left to prove and probably even less motivation to continue outside of a fight staged in the U.S. against a top tier opponent like a Vasly Lomachenko or Fernando Vargas. The recognizable names within the division have largely avoided Uchiyama for years fearing his ring intelligence and style, both of which weren’t on display in his recent loss.

Uchiyama getting punched

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