Sergey Kovalev went to Montreal and not only defeated Canada’s most popular boxer again in their rematch, he outright embarrassed him. Pascal’s trainer Freddie Roach stopped the fight after the 7th round after Pascal begged him the previous round not to do so. When it was all said and done, Pascal was literally crying in his corner. 

Kovalev doesn’t like Jean Pascal, plain and simple. After the fight Kovalev told HBO’s Max Kellerman that he “punished a not a good person.” Kovalev went on to mention that he won an extra fifty grand by getting a stoppage before the 8th round. Just ruthless and cold blooded, he is. “I have no respect for him” Kovalev said loud enough for Pascal to hear him.

When asked who he wanted to fight next, Kovalev said he wanted “Adonis Chickenson” referring to the WBC champion who has seemingly ducked and dodged a unification fight with Kovalev for years now. Stevenson, who was sitting ringside, stormed the ring and grabbed the microphone saying “I’m the champ! I’m the world champ!” Then prove it Adonis.

Unless by some miracle negotiations start up again between the two fighters, Kovalev is expected to defend his IBF, WBO, and WBA titles this summer in Russia before a showdown with one of boxing’s pound for pound best, Andre Ward, next fall.

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