By Nick Skok
Tokyo, Japan

The super featherweight division saw a lot of action this past year; two wars between Orlando Salido and Roman Martinez and the fight of the year between Takashi Miura and new champion Francisco Vargas. One notable name was missing in action: Takashi Uchiyama – who’s the number one ranked boxer at 130lbs and holds the WBA title.

Uchiyama was sidelined from what they thought was a hand injury but was actually a serious elbow problem that required surgery to fix. With the rest of the year spent recovering and getting back to form, Uchiyama is ready to jump back in the mix, this time in a more noticeable division.

Former featherweight champion Nicholas Walters has also entered the division. Walters made a splash by getting a TKO against Nonito Donaire. He was scheduled for a unification bout with Vasly Lomachenko before he was no longer able to make weight.

Walters last fought December 19th in what was supposed to be a warmup to the division before he took on larger prey. For all intense purposes it was, although the judges scored a draw in the fight against Jason Sosa. The winner, expected to be and seemingly was Walters, was rumored to get a shot at Uchiyama, should Uchiyama defeat underrated Oliver Flores tonight in Tokyo.

Here’s the exchange I had with Takashi Uchiyama prior to his upcoming fight about his opinion on the super featherweight division and his 2016 plans in it:

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