Guillermo Rigondeaux has been stripped of his WBA junior featherweight title. The WBA cited Rigondeaux’s lack of activity in making their decision but noted his promotional hardships in securing a fight. Having said that, the WBA has reclassified Rigondeaux has their “champion in recess.” The WBA has in-turn promoted Scott Quigg from “regular champion” to “full champion.”

This announcement comes on the heels of another major development this morning from the junior featherweight division. England’s Scott Quigg and Ireland’s Carl Frampton set aside February 27th to unify their division titles in Manchester in what won’t only be a great fight for Great Britain but a fight that boxing fans around the world have clamored for the past couple of years.

Because Scott Quigg received a pass from the WBA to instead take on Frampton instead of Rigondeaux, the winner will be mandated to face Rigondeaux on or before May 1st or forced to vacate the title. With Rigondeaux already widely considered the undisputed champion of the division and one of the pound for pound best in boxing this will help him get a serious contender in the ring as fighters have ducked and dodged him for years.

Already this has the same feel as the WBC Cotto-Canelo situation where the winner will be forced to face the “boogeyman” Gennady Golovkin or be stripped of their title. For their part both Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez have already insinuated they will not face “Triple G” after their November 21st clash. Let’s hope the British boxers don’t have the same weak knees with regards to a Guillermo Rigondeaux clash as that matchup would be exciting as hell.

While being stripped of the WBA title today and the WBO title last week, this might actually turn out fortuitous for Rigondeaux who could get his first crack at a commercially viable opponent and closest thing to a threat since he faced and defeated then champion Nonito Donaire.  Let’s hope for his sake his promotional woes get fixed in the meantime so he can shake off the rust and get back in the ring soon. Rigondeaux last boxed Dec. 31 2014 when he defeated Hisashi Amagasa.

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