It’s been confirmed by boxing insider’s that Floyd Mayweather could be potentially facing Miguel Cotto on May 2nd.

With announcements made concerning negotiations for a clash between Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto officially called off, that leaves Floyd Mayweather with a perfect escape route if his efforts to snub fans of a Manny Pacquaio fight are genuine. Miguel Cotto is by far the most lucrative option outside of Manny and would by all accounts be a more favorable option for the champ if he’s looking for an easier fight. Financially Floyd could still make a pretty penny if he chose this path and he could theoretically still have the Manny fight in September, presuming Manny doesn’t lose in the meantime.

With guaranteed money going to Floyd from his record setting contract he signed with Showtime two years ago to exclusively broadcast his fights, he’s not feeling any pressure financially to make the fight with Manny. Negotiations are on-going between HBO, who Manny has an agreement to stage his fights with, and Showtime. However’s there’s now more reason to be skeptical that they’ll conclude with a favorable outcome now that Cotto’s available.

Fans and media are in a frenzy to see the fight made and it seems fight negotiations haven’t been this close to agreement since 2009 before Manny backed out due to a disagreement on drug testing. With seemingly all major obstacles cleared in terms of what Manny needed to concede to in order to bring the two sides back to the table, including drug testing, there’s still hope. Manny has asked Mayweather’s camp to decide by the end of the month. Mayweather for his part has announced his last two May fight opponent’s in the middle of February. Something’s going to have to give within the next 10 days. Get ready for fireworks.