As it stands, three massive fights have the potential to be made, giving fans huge incentive to watch. With the second half of the boxing year gearing up, matchmaking executives have some serious decisions to make. If they can deliver the goods, boxing will be better for it. Here’s what they need to work on:

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Carl Froch

Froch1 chavez again

Carl Froch is riding high after knocking out fellow countryman George Groves in front on 80,000 fans at Wembly Stadium in London. The Brit has been a force in the division for sometime though his latest fight generated waves that splashed the shores of American and Mexican soil.

Las Vegas is the pinnacle of the fight world and the last stop on Froch’s career before calling it quits. Who has the star power and shear strength to give Froch a swan song of epic proportions?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is the flash from Mexico that will give boxing fans the slugfest they want. Chavez was last in action in Feburary taking care of unfinished business against a forgettable boxer that gave him trouble in previous matchup.

With Chavez training harder than before and seemingly keeping his eyes on the prize, a lot of boxers could be in trouble. This is a bad man. His tenacity and passion mixed with his size and skill crafted from the expert tutelage of his father- Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.- gives him a scary cocktail of potential.

We saw that flash of greatness in the 12th RD when he knocked down and nearly ended the career of Sergio Martinez, who at the time he was the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Sergio would go on to get numerous stitches and a surgery that never really allowed him to recover, as his movement diminished drastically. So maybe Chavez did end his career? The look in Chavez’s eyes during the round, bloodied and bruised showed he was ready for war. A war is what he’d give Carl Froch.

chavez martinez

A showdown between a British champion looking to put a cherry on his career and a fighter looking to become the first Mexican to win the Super Middleweight Championship can only mean fireworks in the ring. This is what great boxing represents: taking top tier fighters from two country’s where boxing runs deep in both cultures and showcasing the action on the strip in Las Vegas. Can you imagine the die hard Mexican fans and the bezerk British fans all in one place for a fight of this magnitude?

At this point the fight has a decent chance of being made. No other option is as lucrative for either boxer. If their scheduling can coexist then we got ourselves a fight.


Miguel Cotto VS Gennady Golovkin

cotto weigh in GGG

Madison Square Garden will once again electrify New York City with magic in the ring if this fight gets made. Cotto is coming off a sold out show at The Garden where he dethroned undisputed champion Sergio Martinez and became the first Puerto Rican to win belts in four weight classes. Cotto has made a home at Madison Square Garden over the years for the City’s thousands of Puerto Rican fans. The win breathed new life into the veteran’s stagnant career. Now people are waiting for his next fight with anticipation.

His opponent would be the feared young gun “Triple G” Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin is a middleweight champion himself who also primarlity fights in New York City. Later this month he will face his biggest test against Australian and former champion Daniel Geale at The Garden.

As GGG has matured, his fanbase around the City with its heavy Eastern European population has taken notice and grown. He doesn’t just win his fights he KO’s his opponents with decapitating punches that make highlight reels. His KO ratio is absurd while his record remains undefeated. Should he get by his very tough test in Geale on July 26th he’ll be primed for an even bigger fight later in the year.

No fight could be made in New York City that would be bigger than Miguel Cotto vs Gennady Golovkin (outside of a Mayweather appearance). The two can sell out The Garden and determine the true undisputed middleweight champion. While the fight guarantees mad punches and bloody noses, will it get made? Cotto’s promoter has a vision to see him face another opponent in mid 2015. One wonders if they’ll make his next fight later this year more manageable and less threatening than GGG so he can make his 2015 date in one piece.


Manny Pacquaio VS Amir Khan

manny pac Amir Khan

The Pac Man has finally righted a wrong and defeated Timothy Bradley earlier this year to recapture the WBO welterweight crown. That makes two wins in a row for the fading yet future Hall of Famer. The once scary boxer is in need of a fresh opponent after facing the same two guys in four of his last five matches.

Amir Khan is trying to secure his place as an elite fighter. Khan has just recently made his way up to the rich welterweight division and wants to prove he belongs. With his speed and familiarity of being Pacquiao’s ex sparring partner, he can give Manny some serious problems. The win would also sky rocket Khan to the front of the line in the Mayweather Sweepstakes.

By becoming champion and securing a win against one of the division’s best, Khan would be ready to mirror the image Froch and Groves by putting on a London show of his own. The Mayweather fight probably happens regardless but a win against Pacquaio solidifies Khan’s worth and the prospective fight’s value as meaningful for Floyd Mayweather and the boxing world at large.

khan kiss

The incentive is clear for Khan so what for Pacquiao? Manny is considering a lesser fight against newly crowned Light Welterweight Champion Chris Algieri. Manny hasn’t fought at 140lbs in years but is prone to taking on fighters where the weight plays a factor. Last year Pacquiao fought Brandon Rios who had never been at 147lbs before. Taking on a lighter boxer this time around and especially one with little experience against true contenders or champions makes for a weak night of boxing and is a slap in the face to fans.

Proving he’s still a true champion Pacquiao’s main focus should be on facing the division’s best. With Khan he would be living up to that status as Amir is a dangerous yet worthy opponent. It would also give Manny a major fight that people want to see as opposed to the Algieri concept.

Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan is about one fighter who wants to be someone and another who needs to prove he’s still a somebody. This fight could be held anywhere and it would produce massive intrigue with loads of viewers. From a style stand point the two boxers could throw a combined 1,500 punches as they’re both lighting quick and prefer action. It would be such a fun fight to watch and the world from London to Manilla would appreciate it.

Here’s hoping the fall and winter brings better fights than the first of of the year. Salute.

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