The legend of Juan Manuel Marquez continues. A tumultuous battle that saw two smashing knockdowns from both fighters had the crowd roaring. Would you expect anything else from Marquez? Even in defeat last fall against Tim Bradley, the bout was filled with fireworks and haymakers. Great action, entertainment, and drama is guaranteed with every Marquez show.

This time around Marquez handled Mexican-American Mike Alvarado in a dominant performance that was worthy of the future Hall of Famer. Marquez keeps on proving his exceptional skills and prowess are a thing of beauty.

Early combinations opened up a lead early on for Marquez who seemed to school the younger Alvarado at times.  Alvarado was clearly hesitant and showing Marquez a lot of respect. Strong jabs to the jaw of Marquez gave Alvarado some confidence to move in closer and try and work the inside. Clearly Marquez baited him, as the skilled Mexican is one of the finest counter punchers in the sport.

By the 8th round Marquez was executing his game plan perfectly. After the offensive early rounds that saw him carving up his opponent, he managed to lure Alvarado to fight in the center of the ring. With Alvarado throwing more punches Marquez was now able to counter and paint Alvarado’s ribs and face with ease. As the round closed Marquez landed a flush uppercut on Alvarado that sent him to the canvas.

Alvarado has seen some wars and can take a lot of punishment. A boxer who keeps throwing punches is bound to connect at some point and connect he did in the 9th. Marquez hit the floor and lost the round 10-8. But the early body work Marquez put in and intelligent attacks he continued to lay down proved too much for Alvarado. Marquez would win in unanimous fashion as the scorecards were read.

Marquez is now in line to face WBO welterweight title holder Manny Pacquiao. The storyline of these weathered warriors is well documented and needs no prelude. Should Marquez accept the big payday he’ll have the chance to win a title in a fourth weight class. As Marquez has stated, he doesn’t feel a fifth fight between the two is necessary seeing how the last fight ended. Does the allure of that title get Marquez to risk his perfect ending to his Pacquaio saga?

Clearly going out with a win like last night could be the exclamation point on the distinguished career of Juan Manuel Marquez. Defeating a younger, highly skilled and ranked contender like Alvarado only proves once again why Marquez is one of the best. Should he continue on and face adversity once more, I’ll be watching as will the rest of the world. You can’t fake greatness.


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