Glass jaw references were nowhere to be heard following Khan’s performance last night. A swinging left hook with power from Collazo connected squarely with Khan’s face, the same one that sent Ortiz to the canvas in January. Khan weathered the storm and went to work.

Continually moving and using his lighting quick jab with accurate combinations; Khan controlled nearly the whole fight. He frustrated and annoyed Collazo by tying him up and being the faster boxer in ever aspect.

What was most surprising wasn’t the three knockdowns that Khan scored, it was the lack of defense by Collazo as he kept his hands by his waste the entire fight. I’d never wondered if a boxer was throwing a fight before but last night I wondered how Collazo could be this bad. He literally stood against the ropes with his hands down and watched as Khan approached him and didn’t even try to dodge Khan’s initial attack.

If Khan really took all the life out of Collazo and there was no back alley deals then Khan dazzled in his welterweight debut. His future looks bright now that he’s back in the game and ready to earn a championship fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Should Kell Brook defeat Shawn Porter this summer, look for a mammoth English showdown between him and Khan for the welterweight title in the late Fall or early Winter that could determine Floyd’s May 2015 opponent. A fight with Porter if he proves victorious is also possible as is against the hard-hitting contender Keith Thurman.

As long as his next opponent is adequately ranked as top tier, Khan’s next bout should prove exciting. It was great to see Khan look like the Khan of old and brilliantly dismantle a slugger like Collazo. Time will tell whether Khan has the focus and drive to continue this trend. If his trainer Virgil Hunter has anything to say about it, Amir Khan will be showcasing more welterweight fights for a long time to come